Love yourself because you deserve it.

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When someone says Love yourself ..what that actually mean? For some people, it is easier to love themselves. It could be that they are narcissists. But everyone that loves themselves is definitely not narcissist. Only a few people are. Once you learn how to truly love yourself it will be reflected outwardly onto others and the world.

So there isn’t anything objectively good or bad. There isn’t anything that happens to you can’t be overcome. There isn’t anything that could happen to you and then ,when you turn inward you can’t find a reason to overcome and you can’t find a way to put those pieces back together. You can and that becomes your job. What happen..happen, there is no way to take it back but how you respond, what you bring to that is a choice and it is a choice only you get to make.

Once Stephen Hawking said When you complain, Nobody wants to help you. There are many things in your life, many reasons to complain about, many reasons to be upset but the fact that you are still alive and still on this Earth even though has been challenging and rough and sometimes you get discouraged and uninspired to keep going . Keep this in mind that you will grow through which you go through. Everything that you are going through has a point makes no sense to you right now but at some point it will be revealed to you why all these issues, challenges and problems continue to show up and why you are suppose to learn from it. Lets take an example, So you go to sleep at night doesn’t mean you are resting. Because you close your eyes and you sleep physically doesn’t mean that you are actually resting. The reason is everything and everybody that is in and around your life is so full of issues, problems, insecurities, dysfunction and negativity. So when you are going to sleep at night, you are not resting.

A lot of people say, I love myself. Do you really love yourself? If you love yourself then why you letting those people to come in your life. At this point, you are old enough and mature enough to understand the difference in good people and bad people. And when you hanging out with negative and dysfunctional people, you cannot expect yourself to go to sleep at night and you cannot expect yourself to feel good about your day when you are including negative, dysfunctional people in your day. These are the people that you have decided to include in your life. So stay away from the negative people because they have a problem for every solution.

We have a responsibility to walk in the direction of peace. I wanna laugh, i wanna smile, i wanna enjoy myself, i actually wanna feel good about the people that are around me, you have that as a choice and you know what actually do. You don’t wake up in the morning and negativity, problems, issues just randomly pop up. These are the things and the people that you have decided to include in your daily life. So the outcome of your day, your minute, your week, your month, your hour, your year is always draining, always dysfunctional. So stay away from these things, from the negativity, therefore you can focus at your work.

Here I m trying to say that if u will start thinking that the purpose of your life isn’t to look for love, It’s to delete all the barriers, which prevent you from loving yourself then it will become easier to you to love yourself. Trust me friends, loving yourself is going to be the biggest accomplishment of your life. And whoever is reading this, i tell you one thing that happiness looks gorgeous on you.

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